Living Vegetarien/Vegan + Recepies Ⓥ

I am vegetarian since birth. Even though my parents raised me this way but never forbid me to try animal products. But I never wanted to! That had two reasons. Firstly, I love animals and I could never hurt one of them and secondly I was well informed where my food came from. I will always remember the day when I came home with a chicken leg in my hand from our grilling neighbours. I hadn’t took a bite yet but as my Dad told me I was going to eat the leg of a chicken I was shocked. From then on I always wanted to know what I was eating and where it came from. Have I ever tried meat? Yes, I did. My grandparents always had sausages or salmon on the table. I was interested in how it tasted. I tried schnitzel, chicken nuggets, wieners and salmon. I didn’t liked the meat but the taste of salmon somehow was pleasing. While spending my holidays on a farm I attended the slaughter of a pig, which gave me even more reasons for never starting to eat meat. Seeing the pigs bloody bladder on my gumboots and the cruelty of how the pig had to die- it was just not for me. I don’t mind Carnivores, but I am just happier with my Vegetarian lifestyle. When I was 13 years old I got allergies from consuming dairy goods, so I quit them all together. Soy,hazelnut,coconut and almond drinks are great  and healthy alternatives. In some parts of my life I lived total Vegan. Today I try as often as possible to eat plant based. A Pizza now and then and Grandsma’s Linzer-cake I can’t say no to.  Knowing what I eat and eating healthy will always will be part of my Life. Local, Fresh and Biological is how I like my food, and never genetically manipulated. I think its better to support small local biological stores and Supermarkets like Denn’s, Veganz etc. Its really great that more and more big Supermarkt branches are selling Bio and Vegan products. Despied the generell opinion my iron blood level has always been good and my blood level could not be better. I have never been more often sick than other Kids, just had the normal infections all Children go through. Vegetarian and Vegans have a bigger variety than just eating “gras” like many people think, and I am surely am not a fan of the meat substitutes that are sold nowadays. “Why should I eat something that tastes like meat?” I love spreads, Tofu-sausages, Tempeh and Seitan. I eat nearly every Vegetable and Fruit, Artichoke and Avocado I like the most. Gosh I could eat everything and everyday with Avocado.                                                                                        

While traveling, I am curious to learn how to cook the traditional food in that country. 2015 I attended a raw cooking class at the Orion Healing Center in Koh Phangan,Thailand with my Sister and other nice vegan-vegetarian interested women from all over the World. (One of them has been Connie from Planetbackpack ( I really recommend reading her Blog, I totally love it.) We learned from our wonderful teacher Dominique how to prepare hot and cold raw chocolate, raw cakes, almond milk, a green papaya salad, green smoothies,cashew cheese and a veggie paté . She showed us so many things about Rawfood that i didn’t know- it was just stunning. She even had two Dogs which were fed Vegan- isn’t that super cool? If you ever come to the Orion you should do a cooking class with Dominique. (About another cooking class experience you can look up in my Ubud post). Doing a coking class in the country visited is actually a must do.

I really like to cook and I spend a lot of the time in the kitchen at the moment. That gives me the opportunity to try a lot of different food styles and creations from all over the World. Mostly I like the asian cuisine. For me there are no better meals like Nasi and Mie Goreng, Sushi, Tempeh, Pad Thai and all kind of Curries. I like my food spicy and full of spices. Following the Italien cuisine with Tortellini, Penne, Ravioli etc. From the american dishes I totally get into self-made Macaroni & Cheese (my favourite non Vegan exception) and sweets like Reeses.

I like preparing Bowl-style meals for example a Sushi, Quinoa, Falafel or Mexian bowl. Therefor you just need a big deep plate or bowl and fresh vegetables laid out next to each other. A Sushibowl contains Seeweed, Avocado, Pepper, White Rice and every Vegetable you like to add combined with an amazing Soysauce-Whitewine vinegar- sesame oil-wasabipouder sauce. I love it! All other Bowl-dishes are made the same just with different ingredients and sauces. The Falafel Bowl is made with your choice of Vegetable, Falafel and a great tahin-yogurt-sauce. If you are interested I could upload the recipes. Sweet bowls are delicious choices too. Smoothie bowls with seasonal berries, chia, nuts and coconut flakes are my favourite. And I love Chia-pudding. I also like to make sauce out of soy-cream, tahin, vegetable stock and cream cheese. For the Curries and the Goreng’s I choose finished pastes from the asian store so I just have to add the Rice and the Vegetables. Buying all the spices costs a lot more money than a finished sauce and its not as much time consuming then prepared. I like making Guacamole, Tacos, Tortilla and  Quesadillas for my friends. As you see: I love international cuisine. Even if I am German thats the cuisine I like the fewest of all. At the moment I am trying to grow my own herbs, Avocados (sadly the trees in Germany don’t grow any fruits) and sprouts. If you have any questions to my favourite foods just let me now. You can also share your favourite recipes, I am curious to know them.


My next post will be about the Land of smiles : Thailand 🇹🇭



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