The Land of SmilesūüáĻūüá≠

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles. It is the Country I have visited for holidays the most. Its true they are the friendliest people I know. But before I start writing about this beautiful Country I want to apologice for not posting anything in the last month. I am back now and happy to post again. I have traveled Thailand five times. 5 x 4 beautiful, memorable weeks. Bangkok, the capital City of Thailand has for me the feeling of coming Home, the sweet smell of summer and dust in the Air. Its it always hot there in August and September, when I am there for holidays. To follow my Journey we will get off the Taxi at the Soi Rambutri road, parallel to Khaosan road. I stayed at the Hotels: Sleep With Inn, Rambutri Village Hotel & Plaza and Viengthai Hotel. The first day is restday, acclimation and to recover from Jetlag. The second Night we stroll along Khaosan road shopping and enjoying the international vibe. This Road is really loud and full of people. Its like a big market with shops and food stalls everywhere. You can get your hair braided, dreaded or a nice Henna-tattoo. Various and inexpensive dishes from around the World can be enjoyed. Even Insects are found here for the curious adventurer. But mostly it is known for bars, drinks, t-shirts and shopping souvenirs. My favourite Market in Bangkok is the Chatuchak Market, full of Art, Food and Clothes. A good day-trip is going to the Lumpini Park. It is the green lung of Bangkok which offers besides a beautiful arranged park a outdoor Gym and Fitnessprogramm. I had a fun times doing a gymnastic session with many other People their. To perfectly end the day I can highly recommend the Moon Bar up the Banyan Tree Hotel which is near the Park. The prices are higher than usually in Thaibars but the View is worth the Money. (I will put some Pictures below). Sadly the last time I have been to Thailand the Bomb-attack in August 2015 happened which left us shocked and speechless.

One Day later we left to Koh Phangan. We have always travelled to Koh Phangan by Bus via Champion. Afterwards we crossed the Ocean with Katamaran Highspeed Boat to the Islands. Koh Phangan is my favourite of the three Islands in the golf of Thailand. It is layed back, chilled and not as much hustle and bustle as on the other Islands. I have visited all of them. Koh Tao is the best spot for snorkelling and diving while Koh Samui is for the higher society and for shopping. It has its own Airport from which you can fligh back to Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand.

Staying on Koh Tao we’ve visited the Beaches: Mae Haad, Sariee Beach, Haad Tien, Ao Leuk (most beautiful watercolour around but also a big amount of Tourists) and Tanote Bay where we stayed most of the time.

In Koh Phangan we have stayed many times¬†at the Mae Haad Beach because our most favourite resort¬†was¬†there: The Treehouse. The Treehouse was a¬†resort with colourful bungalows¬†arranged around a half-moon shaped bay with clear blue water. We became friends with the owners over the years, who are really wonderful and also have their origin in Germany. Much love to Pam,Kai and Milan. The atmosphere has always been relaxed and hippie vibes where all over. Plus they have the best food ever! For example the perfect good Morning Pancakes ūüėČ Due to not so nice circumstances they had to move to Koh Samui and reopened, YEAH! Now the Treehouse is located at the Silent Beach (North part of Koh Samui) and it is as beautiful as it has been before. My must place to stay and eat while traveling in Thailand. Samui offers big, typical western shopping malls and a more exclusive lifestyle. I got¬†my hair braided at the Orchid Traditional Thai Massage and Fish Spa, which I can recommend as well. Coming back to Koh Phangan: Where to stay besides¬†the Treehouse?

  • ¬†Had Yao Villa, Sandy Bay or High Life Bungalows (Had Yao)

We have stayed at the Loyfa natural resort as well. All resorts we choose are near the Beach or directly on the Beach. The Loyfa Hotel is near the Orion healing center where I attended the¬†wonderful Raw-Vegan-Cookingclass as I mentioned in my “Living Vegan/Vegetarian Post + Recipes”.

For the first time we visited the Fullmoon Party. We ordered¬†a Pickup around 18 o’clock¬†which drove us to the Party with many other people. The atmosphere war electric and wild as we reached the Beach. You could get your Body painted with Neon-Colours at the entrance which sparkled in the dark. The entrance fee is¬†moderate¬†and you’ll get a Full-Moon-Party-Bracelette made¬†of Plastic. Each section of the beach has its own sound system. At Bar X for example they have a Goa dance floor with fancy decoration. Fire rope hopping, fireshows and cheap buckets full of Cocktails – attract many tourists. Good for partying but a little strange as well. My highlight was dancing on the Beach and watching a 5 meter high burning lettering (Full Moon Party Haadrin Koh Phangan). I did not stay till the end but you can dance until Midday. Swimming is not allowed at this Event for safety reasons.

Thailand is Love, Happiness and Home. Its the place on Earth, except Home, which I know best and fully trust. I have never been disappointed there, even if it got more touristic over the years.¬†I will always come back ‚̧

Next I am going to post about Cambodia¬†and Myanmar. I hope you enjoyed reading, hear you soon¬†(‚ó°‚ÄŅ‚ó°‚úŅ)



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