Meditating for world peace☮

January 19th, 2017 has been the Day to pray and meditate for world peace. Sending love out to the ones who do not feel loved, who are afraid, people who have to leave their hometown due to cruelty. Sending light to the bad things that happen out there and which change our world. Our families good friend, a alternative practitioner, invited people to come together on this special day to meditate, sing, dance and pray. The meditation took place in Schwetzingen (Germany) with 11 wonderful, spiritual people. Many other friends and family members who didn’t had the time to come lightened up a candle at home and sent their prayers to mother earth. We started with a 10 minute standing meditation, feeling our roots reaching into the ground, feeling our body and creating a golden ball full of energy and power in the middle of our group. The room was full of light. Afterwards we spoke out our wishes for the world, like: Love, Peace and for the fearful to feel fearless. We continued by sining:

Shalom chaverim, shalom chaverim,
shalom, shalom!
Lehitraot, lehitraot,
shalom, shalom!

which means: Peace should be with you friends. Peace, Peace! The session ended with dancing to uplifting hebrew,indian fusion music and keeping the energy alive. For two hours we sent all our love to mother earth, to the trees and to the people. To all the bad that is happening to make it better. It has been an breathtaking experience, feeling so much love and energy. I am very spiritual and doing stuff like that means a lot to me.

Last I want to thank Andrea, my spiritual guru and alternative practitioner, who helped me and the world, often with her meditations and practises. I can highly recommend her whenever you need help from a spirit, want to meditate or want to go on a healing journey. Young and old are welcome here. She also sales beautiful Angel power amulets. Full of Energy, which she puts into them, which helped me a lot during my A-Level. Here is her wonderful, lovely created Homepage : Thank you a lot for doing so much to make the world full of love and light. Om.



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