DIY Unicorn Hairband🦄

Hey there, today I want to share my first DIY with you. My parents went to a Unicorn Party this weekend and my lovely friend Lizzy and I decieded to make a unicorn hairband for my Mom. I got very exited making the unicorn hairband. We went trough a lot of Pinterest “Unicorn Hairband Ideas” after deciding we would be better off doing our own. And here we go. Lots of fun by remaking it.

You will need:

  • A hot glue gun
  • A hairband in the colour you prefer
  • White & pink Felt
  • Pink plastic flowers (I got mine from a one Euro shop)
  • Glitter flower and perl stickers
  • Golden cord
  • White shiny cord
  • Scissors
  • Absorbent cotton


Step 1: Take the hot glue gun, the hairband and the white shiny cord. Start to wrap the white cord around the hairband. To fix it make tiny spots of hot glue on the hairband to steady the cord. I decided to go for a white shiny cord for the unicorn hairband look.


Step 2: Ears: Start by cut a ear out of the white felt. Afterwards cut a smaller (inner)ear out of the pink felt and glue the small ear onto the big white ear. If the ears are ready you can glue them onto your hairband. We creased the bottom of our ear to make it easier to glue it and for a better fix.img_5435

Step 3: Horn: First, cut out a horn of the white felt. It should be rolled up and fixed with glue. Afterwards cram it with the absorbent cotton and close the bottom with gluing it onto the hairband. Now we will put the golden cord around the horn and fix it with little glue spots placed along the horn in a spiral.


Step 4: Almost there. Last you can add whatever you like to pimp up your unicorn hairband. We used glitter flowers and perl stickers as well as flowers made of plastic. We glued the plastic flowers and the flower stickers between the ears and the horn, then added the pearl stickers next to the ears.


We had so much fun making this and we hope you had as well. If your interested in seeing more DIY of mine let me now. Until then, don’t forget to make glitter on your face,

Love and Unicorns. Party on.

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