DIY Paracord Bracelets with YaYa- Design 

A few days ago I went to see my lovely eight year old cousin who has a big dream: to get her own puppy. Knowing exactly which breed she wants and how she would call it, she decided to save money and buy the dog by her own. After discovering making braclets out of Paracord awhile ago, she came up with the smart idea to sell her self-made bracelets under the “company” name: YaYa-Design to costumers. Fortunately she was willing to show us that day how to make our own Paracord bracelets.

You will need:

  • Paracord in the colours you prefer
  • Scissor
  • Lighter
  • Tapeline
  • Buckle (survival, iron or plastic)

First you have to measure the circumference of your wrist with the tapeline.

She told us that before cutting to length we should consider to add one or two extra centimeters to the amount found, so that our new jewellery would fit comfortably. Also its important to know which buckle you will use beforehand . The survival buckle for example needs more cord length than the other ones.

Now, pick a colour/s you prefer and measure 1,10 meter of each colour or 2,20 meters of one colour. We chose the colours: orange and blue with a survival buckle.

After that you will light up the ropes with the lighter on one of the ends until they start melting. Squeeze the ends together until you have …

… one long rope. To the Paracord you will add the fasteners by nodding it with two knots on one side of the fastener and one knot one the other side. Fold your rope into two equal long pieces and thread the loop from ahead backwards through the closed buckle. Pull the ends across the loop to tie up. Next take both ends and repeat it by threading the Paracord on the other part of the buckle.

Lets start braiding. We chose the fishbone pigtail variant. There lots and lots of patterns and variations to choose. Just check the net.

My uncle made my cousin a little self-made braiding machine (picture!) by which she can knot her ropes easily. But you can braid where and with whatever you want. The braiding stage (without buckle) has to be as long as your wrist width plus extra centimeters, like mentioned before.

Last you have to cut of the extant Paracord, burn the ends with the lighter until there are warm and can be squeezed on the bracelets until the extant melts into the wristband.

We added the brand and thats the final result. I put together a collection of bracelets and even one dog lead my cousin made.

We hope you enjoyed recreating it and if you are interested in getting one you can find my Email and Social Media here . We would love to hear and see your results and what you made out of Paracord.

See you next time with creative vibes (‘(◡‿◡✿)’)

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Enchanting Travels Reiseblogger Award 2017 

Hello there, today I want to share something really personal and exiting with you. Last month I entered the Enchanting Travels Travelblogger Award 2017 with my personal travel report about my beloved Thailand. As one of the lucky ones I was choosen to have the chance to win this Travel Blogger Award. I feel really honored to be part of this experience. If you are interested you can read my report here (written in german)

I would be also really thankful if you would give me a vote (like) on facebook. The three posts who collect the most votes/likes will win and I would be very happy if I could be one of them. But even if not it was a experience worth it. Vote for me here

Thanks to everyone for the support, feedback, likes and taking the time to read it! It means a lot to me. This is a dream coming true.


DIY Unicorn Hairband🦄

Hey there, today I want to share my first DIY with you. My parents went to a Unicorn Party this weekend and my lovely friend Lizzy and I decieded to make a unicorn hairband for my Mom. I got very exited making the unicorn hairband. We went trough a lot of Pinterest “Unicorn Hairband Ideas” after deciding we would be better off doing our own. And here we go. Lots of fun by remaking it.

You will need:

  • A hot glue gun
  • A hairband in the colour you prefer
  • White & pink Felt
  • Pink plastic flowers (I got mine from a one Euro shop)
  • Glitter flower and perl stickers
  • Golden cord
  • White shiny cord
  • Scissors
  • Absorbent cotton


Step 1: Take the hot glue gun, the hairband and the white shiny cord. Start to wrap the white cord around the hairband. To fix it make tiny spots of hot glue on the hairband to steady the cord. I decided to go for a white shiny cord for the unicorn hairband look.


Step 2: Ears: Start by cut a ear out of the white felt. Afterwards cut a smaller (inner)ear out of the pink felt and glue the small ear onto the big white ear. If the ears are ready you can glue them onto your hairband. We creased the bottom of our ear to make it easier to glue it and for a better fix.img_5435

Step 3: Horn: First, cut out a horn of the white felt. It should be rolled up and fixed with glue. Afterwards cram it with the absorbent cotton and close the bottom with gluing it onto the hairband. Now we will put the golden cord around the horn and fix it with little glue spots placed along the horn in a spiral.


Step 4: Almost there. Last you can add whatever you like to pimp up your unicorn hairband. We used glitter flowers and perl stickers as well as flowers made of plastic. We glued the plastic flowers and the flower stickers between the ears and the horn, then added the pearl stickers next to the ears.


We had so much fun making this and we hope you had as well. If your interested in seeing more DIY of mine let me now. Until then, don’t forget to make glitter on your face,

Love and Unicorns. Party on.

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Meditating for world peace☮

January 19th, 2017 has been the Day to pray and meditate for world peace. Sending love out to the ones who do not feel loved, who are afraid, people who have to leave their hometown due to cruelty. Sending light to the bad things that happen out there and which change our world. Our families good friend, a alternative practitioner, invited people to come together on this special day to meditate, sing, dance and pray. The meditation took place in Schwetzingen (Germany) with 11 wonderful, spiritual people. Many other friends and family members who didn’t had the time to come lightened up a candle at home and sent their prayers to mother earth. We started with a 10 minute standing meditation, feeling our roots reaching into the ground, feeling our body and creating a golden ball full of energy and power in the middle of our group. The room was full of light. Afterwards we spoke out our wishes for the world, like: Love, Peace and for the fearful to feel fearless. We continued by sining:

Shalom chaverim, shalom chaverim,
shalom, shalom!
Lehitraot, lehitraot,
shalom, shalom!

which means: Peace should be with you friends. Peace, Peace! The session ended with dancing to uplifting hebrew,indian fusion music and keeping the energy alive. For two hours we sent all our love to mother earth, to the trees and to the people. To all the bad that is happening to make it better. It has been an breathtaking experience, feeling so much love and energy. I am very spiritual and doing stuff like that means a lot to me.

Last I want to thank Andrea, my spiritual guru and alternative practitioner, who helped me and the world, often with her meditations and practises. I can highly recommend her whenever you need help from a spirit, want to meditate or want to go on a healing journey. Young and old are welcome here. She also sales beautiful Angel power amulets. Full of Energy, which she puts into them, which helped me a lot during my A-Level. Here is her wonderful, lovely created Homepage : Thank you a lot for doing so much to make the world full of love and light. Om.


The Land of Smiles🇹🇭

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles. It is the Country I have visited for holidays the most. Its true they are the friendliest people I know. But before I start writing about this beautiful Country I want to apologice for not posting anything in the last month. I am back now and happy to post again. I have traveled Thailand five times. 5 x 4 beautiful, memorable weeks. Bangkok, the capital City of Thailand has for me the feeling of coming Home, the sweet smell of summer and dust in the Air. Its it always hot there in August and September, when I am there for holidays. To follow my Journey we will get off the Taxi at the Soi Rambutri road, parallel to Khaosan road. I stayed at the Hotels: Sleep With Inn, Rambutri Village Hotel & Plaza and Viengthai Hotel. The first day is restday, acclimation and to recover from Jetlag. The second Night we stroll along Khaosan road shopping and enjoying the international vibe. This Road is really loud and full of people. Its like a big market with shops and food stalls everywhere. You can get your hair braided, dreaded or a nice Henna-tattoo. Various and inexpensive dishes from around the World can be enjoyed. Even Insects are found here for the curious adventurer. But mostly it is known for bars, drinks, t-shirts and shopping souvenirs. My favourite Market in Bangkok is the Chatuchak Market, full of Art, Food and Clothes. A good day-trip is going to the Lumpini Park. It is the green lung of Bangkok which offers besides a beautiful arranged park a outdoor Gym and Fitnessprogramm. I had a fun times doing a gymnastic session with many other People their. To perfectly end the day I can highly recommend the Moon Bar up the Banyan Tree Hotel which is near the Park. The prices are higher than usually in Thaibars but the View is worth the Money. (I will put some Pictures below). Sadly the last time I have been to Thailand the Bomb-attack in August 2015 happened which left us shocked and speechless.

One Day later we left to Koh Phangan. We have always travelled to Koh Phangan by Bus via Champion. Afterwards we crossed the Ocean with Katamaran Highspeed Boat to the Islands. Koh Phangan is my favourite of the three Islands in the golf of Thailand. It is layed back, chilled and not as much hustle and bustle as on the other Islands. I have visited all of them. Koh Tao is the best spot for snorkelling and diving while Koh Samui is for the higher society and for shopping. It has its own Airport from which you can fligh back to Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand.

Staying on Koh Tao we’ve visited the Beaches: Mae Haad, Sariee Beach, Haad Tien, Ao Leuk (most beautiful watercolour around but also a big amount of Tourists) and Tanote Bay where we stayed most of the time.

In Koh Phangan we have stayed many times at the Mae Haad Beach because our most favourite resort was there: The Treehouse. The Treehouse was a resort with colourful bungalows arranged around a half-moon shaped bay with clear blue water. We became friends with the owners over the years, who are really wonderful and also have their origin in Germany. Much love to Pam,Kai and Milan. The atmosphere has always been relaxed and hippie vibes where all over. Plus they have the best food ever! For example the perfect good Morning Pancakes 😉 Due to not so nice circumstances they had to move to Koh Samui and reopened, YEAH! Now the Treehouse is located at the Silent Beach (North part of Koh Samui) and it is as beautiful as it has been before. My must place to stay and eat while traveling in Thailand. Samui offers big, typical western shopping malls and a more exclusive lifestyle. I got my hair braided at the Orchid Traditional Thai Massage and Fish Spa, which I can recommend as well. Coming back to Koh Phangan: Where to stay besides the Treehouse?

  •  Had Yao Villa, Sandy Bay or High Life Bungalows (Had Yao)

We have stayed at the Loyfa natural resort as well. All resorts we choose are near the Beach or directly on the Beach. The Loyfa Hotel is near the Orion healing center where I attended the wonderful Raw-Vegan-Cookingclass as I mentioned in my “Living Vegan/Vegetarian Post + Recipes”.

For the first time we visited the Fullmoon Party. We ordered a Pickup around 18 o’clock which drove us to the Party with many other people. The atmosphere war electric and wild as we reached the Beach. You could get your Body painted with Neon-Colours at the entrance which sparkled in the dark. The entrance fee is moderate and you’ll get a Full-Moon-Party-Bracelette made of Plastic. Each section of the beach has its own sound system. At Bar X for example they have a Goa dance floor with fancy decoration. Fire rope hopping, fireshows and cheap buckets full of Cocktails – attract many tourists. Good for partying but a little strange as well. My highlight was dancing on the Beach and watching a 5 meter high burning lettering (Full Moon Party Haadrin Koh Phangan). I did not stay till the end but you can dance until Midday. Swimming is not allowed at this Event for safety reasons.

Thailand is Love, Happiness and Home. Its the place on Earth, except Home, which I know best and fully trust. I have never been disappointed there, even if it got more touristic over the years. I will always come back ❤

Next I am going to post about Cambodia and Myanmar. I hope you enjoyed reading, hear you soon (◡‿◡✿)


Living Vegetarien/Vegan + Recepies Ⓥ

I am vegetarian since birth. Even though my parents raised me this way but never forbid me to try animal products. But I never wanted to! That had two reasons. Firstly, I love animals and I could never hurt one of them and secondly I was well informed where my food came from. I will always remember the day when I came home with a chicken leg in my hand from our grilling neighbours. I hadn’t took a bite yet but as my Dad told me I was going to eat the leg of a chicken I was shocked. From then on I always wanted to know what I was eating and where it came from. Have I ever tried meat? Yes, I did. My grandparents always had sausages or salmon on the table. I was interested in how it tasted. I tried schnitzel, chicken nuggets, wieners and salmon. I didn’t liked the meat but the taste of salmon somehow was pleasing. While spending my holidays on a farm I attended the slaughter of a pig, which gave me even more reasons for never starting to eat meat. Seeing the pigs bloody bladder on my gumboots and the cruelty of how the pig had to die- it was just not for me. I don’t mind Carnivores, but I am just happier with my Vegetarian lifestyle. When I was 13 years old I got allergies from consuming dairy goods, so I quit them all together. Soy,hazelnut,coconut and almond drinks are great  and healthy alternatives. In some parts of my life I lived total Vegan. Today I try as often as possible to eat plant based. A Pizza now and then and Grandsma’s Linzer-cake I can’t say no to.  Knowing what I eat and eating healthy will always will be part of my Life. Local, Fresh and Biological is how I like my food, and never genetically manipulated. I think its better to support small local biological stores and Supermarkets like Denn’s, Veganz etc. Its really great that more and more big Supermarkt branches are selling Bio and Vegan products. Despied the generell opinion my iron blood level has always been good and my blood level could not be better. I have never been more often sick than other Kids, just had the normal infections all Children go through. Vegetarian and Vegans have a bigger variety than just eating “gras” like many people think, and I am surely am not a fan of the meat substitutes that are sold nowadays. “Why should I eat something that tastes like meat?” I love spreads, Tofu-sausages, Tempeh and Seitan. I eat nearly every Vegetable and Fruit, Artichoke and Avocado I like the most. Gosh I could eat everything and everyday with Avocado.                                                                                        

While traveling, I am curious to learn how to cook the traditional food in that country. 2015 I attended a raw cooking class at the Orion Healing Center in Koh Phangan,Thailand with my Sister and other nice vegan-vegetarian interested women from all over the World. (One of them has been Connie from Planetbackpack ( I really recommend reading her Blog, I totally love it.) We learned from our wonderful teacher Dominique how to prepare hot and cold raw chocolate, raw cakes, almond milk, a green papaya salad, green smoothies,cashew cheese and a veggie paté . She showed us so many things about Rawfood that i didn’t know- it was just stunning. She even had two Dogs which were fed Vegan- isn’t that super cool? If you ever come to the Orion you should do a cooking class with Dominique. (About another cooking class experience you can look up in my Ubud post). Doing a coking class in the country visited is actually a must do.

I really like to cook and I spend a lot of the time in the kitchen at the moment. That gives me the opportunity to try a lot of different food styles and creations from all over the World. Mostly I like the asian cuisine. For me there are no better meals like Nasi and Mie Goreng, Sushi, Tempeh, Pad Thai and all kind of Curries. I like my food spicy and full of spices. Following the Italien cuisine with Tortellini, Penne, Ravioli etc. From the american dishes I totally get into self-made Macaroni & Cheese (my favourite non Vegan exception) and sweets like Reeses.

I like preparing Bowl-style meals for example a Sushi, Quinoa, Falafel or Mexian bowl. Therefor you just need a big deep plate or bowl and fresh vegetables laid out next to each other. A Sushibowl contains Seeweed, Avocado, Pepper, White Rice and every Vegetable you like to add combined with an amazing Soysauce-Whitewine vinegar- sesame oil-wasabipouder sauce. I love it! All other Bowl-dishes are made the same just with different ingredients and sauces. The Falafel Bowl is made with your choice of Vegetable, Falafel and a great tahin-yogurt-sauce. If you are interested I could upload the recipes. Sweet bowls are delicious choices too. Smoothie bowls with seasonal berries, chia, nuts and coconut flakes are my favourite. And I love Chia-pudding. I also like to make sauce out of soy-cream, tahin, vegetable stock and cream cheese. For the Curries and the Goreng’s I choose finished pastes from the asian store so I just have to add the Rice and the Vegetables. Buying all the spices costs a lot more money than a finished sauce and its not as much time consuming then prepared. I like making Guacamole, Tacos, Tortilla and  Quesadillas for my friends. As you see: I love international cuisine. Even if I am German thats the cuisine I like the fewest of all. At the moment I am trying to grow my own herbs, Avocados (sadly the trees in Germany don’t grow any fruits) and sprouts. If you have any questions to my favourite foods just let me now. You can also share your favourite recipes, I am curious to know them.


My next post will be about the Land of smiles : Thailand 🇹🇭




I adore Berlin. It is not only hip, cool, alternative and multicultural it also offers so many different places of art, history and meeting points for old and young. I have been to Berlin a lot of times and never paid for lodge due to the fact that i have family there. But I want to share my top favourite places and locations with you. 
Berlin is the capital of Germany and segmented into many different neighbourhoods. The neighbourhoods I visited: 
Wilmersdorf, Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg, Neuköln, Mitte and Spandau. 
All of them offer super cool places and a multicultural society. Berlin is full of history marks of older times, for example the Berlin Wall, which was build in 1961. Next to its history Berlin offers a lot of possibilities for night-owls. It has the most popular night clubs in the country such as: Berghain, Katerholzig, Watergate, Tresor and many more. Whenever you feel hungry you will find amazing food all around the city. With a lot of different food styles and trends. Below I will list my favourite places to eat and chill. Wilmersdorf, thats where my family lives, is 10 minutes by foot from the Ku-Damm (Kurfürstendamm). It is an upper class area where a lot of families with small children live. A lot of playgrounds and activities for children are around therefor. For younger people I would recommend Kreuzberg, Mitte or Neuköln because the scene and the nightlife is more exiting and alternative. Not every part of Berlin has a good reputation but I have never experienced anything bad as I stayed there. Driving the sub by night is a little bit creepy, but no worries you will find cheap taxis everywhere.
There is a german saying which says: Du bist verrückt mein Kind, du musst nach Berlin (You are crazy my child you have to go to Berlin). And thats what its all about. The scene is super hip, alternative and all people who feel different feel accepted there. Like, it doesn’t matter what you wear when you leave the house. Even if you prefer wearing a pyjama you will not be judged. Thats one of the things I love the most about Berlin – its alternative. Great Places for shopping are the KuDamm which offers basic brands like h&m, expensive stuff like Chanel and cool, trendy shops like Brandy Melville, Monk etc. On of my beloved places to shop is the Bergmann Street in Kreuzberg. Here you can find a good secondhand shop where you can buy by kilos, good falafel and Indian food, cafes, the hippie “Guru-Shop” and many more. If you want to escape the trouble of the city for some time the “Krumme Lanke” and “Schlachtensee” offer great places for walking and swimming. As well as the Tropical Island indoor swim and fun bath.Which is decorated with real sand, palms and all sort of tropical plants. A fun thing to do on a rainy day.                                                                                                                             Berlin is also known for great art and music. People all over the World join this artistic scene- really worth taking a closer look at.
My favourite places and best locations to eat:
1 Klunkerkranich Neuköln (in the Neukölln Arcaden, Karl-Marx-Straße 66). Wonderful, alternative atmosphere. Amazing view over Berlin on the rooftop Coffee and Bar. Green. Big Sandbox for children. They serve food and drinks. 
2 Afterward go eat a burger at Berlin Burger International (Pannierstraße 5). 10 min walk from the Klunkerkranich. Best burger in town! Cheap and super tasty. Delicious fries, burger and standard drinks. Little, thigh store full of graffiti.
3 Wonderwaffle No.2 (Neckarstraße 2). 5 min walk from the Klunkerkranich. Best waffles and milkshakes ever. Sweet: they write your name with chocolate on your plate if you order a waffle. Big choice of ingredients. They also have two vegan days a week. Another store is in the food area of the Mall of Berlin.
4 Preußenpark ( Brandenburgische Str.). On the weekend a lot of people meet at the park to eat fresh thai food. A lot of thais cook fresh food for low prices there. Great atmosphere. Good food and drinks. Real thai dishes. The park has fitness appliances. 
5 Nenis ( Budapester Str. 40) is located next to the Bikini House in the 25 Hours Hotel. Rooftop. Besides the restaurant is a nice bar called the Monkey Bar. Delicious mix of persian, moroccan, spanish and israeli food. The food always looks really stunning and the taste is an real experience. From the toilet you can watch the monkeys in the zoo. Reservation is necessary. 
6 Funk you is right in the middle of the Bikini House in the ground floor. Healthy and natural food. Juices, salads cakes and my favourite smoothie bowl with berries, chia seeds and many more. A lot of the dishes are gluten free and vegan.
7 Dolores is near the KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westen)(Bayreuther Str. 36). They offer fresh, yummy mexican food. I highly recommend the burrito bowls in vegan or vegetarian alternative. Tasty guacamole. Many burritos, soft tacos, quesadilla, salads and corn chips. You can put together your own food creations. Delicious and cheap. Another one is located in the Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 7.
8 Mauerpark fleemarket (Bernauer Str. 63-64). My favorite fleemarket in Germany. Cool Location. Different and very special products. Fresh fruit juices and typical german food. Nice people. Chilled atmosphere. Groovy live music. Sometimes even parties at night. 
Historical must sees:
1 Anne Frank Museum (Rosenthaler Str. 39) shows the touching story of the jewish girl Anne Frank in pictures and from her diary. Deeply moving. It is next to a backyard full of beautiful graffitis. The entrance fee is cheap. Closed on mondays.
2 Museum Island is located next to the Spree and has a park where you can enjoy sunny days. It includes a lot of museums like the old national gallery, the new and old museum, archaeological museum, Pergamon museum, James-Simon-Gallery and a few more. If you are into art I can recommend the National Gallery. Also interesting is the Humbold-Box which shows how the rebuilding of the Berlin castle will look like. 
3 Story of Berlin ( Kurfürstendamm 207) gives us an expression what a, in case of a nuclear bomb, bunker looks like. The museum has many different rooms full of storytelling walls and new technologies. The guidances are really good and interesting. 
4 Brandenburger Gate (Pariser Platz) is one of the most famous monuments in Berlin and Germany.It is build as a big city gate. 
5 Reichstags building/ Deutscher Bundestag (Platz der Republik) one block to the north from the Brandenburger Gate is the Reichstags building. It is an historical building. Very impressive place where all the politicians from Germany and around the world meet. You can make an appointment for entering the building with a guide. Sometimes it is possible to see conferences of the politicians. The view from the Bundestag dom is really nice. Last time i have been there (in July) they showed a movie about the German history on the back of the Bundestag buildings wall. Outdoor cinema experience with a great animated light show, music and touching historical events.
6 Memorial to the murdered jews of Europe is also known as the Holocaust Memorial. It is near the Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor and the Mall of Berlin. It has an information table underneath it. 
7 Berlin Wall/Eastside Gallery ( Bernauer Str. 111) is really important for the German history. It marks the separation between east and west Berlin between 1961 and 1989. The fall of the wall was one of the most important moments in history. Impressive. Full of beautiful, meaningful art.
8 Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection ( Schloßstraße 70) offers changing exhibitions of art.  A Small museum with great pictures and sculptures in it. Perfect for art-lovers. 
There is so much more to see. You have to experience that city by yourself. I would love to read where you have been and what tips, favourite places you have.
Up Next: little excursion to the vegan and vegetarian kitchen with my lifestyle and favourite recipes.


Gili Air🏝

In the northwest of Lombok are three Islands called the Gilis. The biggest one is Gili Trawangan known as the party island. The middle one is the chill out island called Gili Air, that’s were I am at the moment. The smallest is Gili Meno which is mostly for honeymooners, and tranquility seekers.Every island has one or more snorkeling spots where you can see sea turtles, all kind of colourful fish and coral. We stayed at two different resorts: Segar Village and Gita Gili. Both accommodations had a nice garden with a beautiful view, standard and deluxe rooms with AC or fan. At Segar Village you could see every morning a lot of cows, a waran in front of the door and many chicken as well. The breakfast was amazing with a lot of options given like all different kinds of pancakes, toast, eggs, jaffles, coffee, hot chocolate, juices and tea served with a big fruitsalad. All rooms are located in a green garden near the beach and the price for a standard room is 500.000 (33€) Rp per night.

The rooms were clean and offered a nice outdoor shower waterfall-like. Sadly we had a lot of insects as well. Very friendly Staff who helped us in every situation. Segar Village has one room with oceanview. 

Gita Gili was just a small walk away from Segar Village. It also had a beautiful garden with nice wooden bungalows for 500.000 Rp (33€) per night for a standard room with AC. 

The Staff, with whom we became friends in the end, was young and super friendly. Lovely greetings to Man and Kurdi if you ever visit this awesome place. We had a great time there. 

Gili Air is more expensive than we were used to, but you could find a lot of warungs to eat cheap. The food was not always the best and sometimes things like tempe were sold out. But they offered a lot of vegetarian food and if not, it was almost everywhere possible to get a vegetarian kind of that meal. Beach conditions are different arround the island. It is possible to swim in the southeast all day long. In other areas you have to wait for high tide. Some places are full of sharp corals which make the entrance into the sea painful. Nevertheless the water is endlessly beautiful! It is clear light and dark blue. At the beach you can buy whole cut pineapples and spicy or salty corn. 

Another highlight was the sunset. On the North coast all warungs had fatboys layed out on the beach to watch the sunset in a relaxed atmosphere. It was one of the most amazing sunsets I had ever seen. If the weather is good you can see mountains in the middle of the colorful sunset. 

One of my favorite things to do was SUP (Stand Up Paddling). 

As the sun is heavily burning on the Gilis we spend most of the time swimming and snorkeling. While snorkeling we were lucky to swim with two seaturtles. They were swimming in front of the Gita Gili Resort. I was told though, that the best spot to see turtles is at Gili Meno. 

If you are into adventure you can book a lot of snorkel, dive and hiking trips to the islands around. It is also possible to walk arround Gili Air in one and a half hours or to ride by bike. The whole island is a car and motorbike free area and only electro scooters and little horse carriages (Cidomos) are used. If you care about the poor horses you should avoid taking a carriage. 

All in all it was a beautiful stay and I would recommend everyone to go see this amazing spot on earth. The water is the nicest you will find arround- totally worth seeing. 

You will hear from me as soon as I am back home. I will add more information to my “first stop Bali” post. Soon many more articles on my past Journeys will follow. ✍💌🌻


Ubud is the place to be if you love pure nature (endlessly beautiful rice terraces), Yoga and all kinds of workshops and organic/vegan food! It is one of my favorite places to visit. I haven’t been here in two years and it is still as amazing as I had it in mind. I am falling for this place all over again. We live in the Warji House 2 on Bisma Road which offers a cute little garden with typical balinese two storey houses. The cost for one room with a double bed and hot water including breakfast is 30€ (450000 Rupiah). The breakfast (mostly the Banana pancakes) isn’t as good as it is told on TripAdvisor etc. It iscleaner that you would expect after reading the reviews. Nice place to stay. Next to the resort is a money changer and a minimart. Walking down the Bisma road you will get to the Ubud- and to the Moneyforest road. At the end of the last listed road, as the name tells, you can find the Monkey Forest. The entrance fee about 3€ (little less than 45000 Rp) per person and the whole park is full of trees and monkeys. You will feel like walking through a small jungle. Ubud offers a lot opportunities to shop for less money if you are willing to bargain. Another great thing to do is walking through the rice terraces. There are three routes for walking. One is 5,one 3 and one 1 km long and the middle one is the most green and nicest to walk. I wouldn’t recommend the first one unless you will walk the whole route, what i didnt do. Until the Karsa Kafe there are no rice terraces but the view is amazing. My favorite route was the middle one. You will walk through fields of rice until you reach the farm of Sari Organic. They grow there food next to the restaurant and you can taste the freshness with every bite. Other great restaurants I will list below. I can highly recommend to do a day trip from Ubud to the rice terraces Tegalalang. For me they are the most beautiful ones. I have to admit that I was extremely shocked that I had to pay for them this year because it was never been that way. Another totally minus point was that on the way up the rice terraces the rice farmers wouldn’t let you pass without a donation. In some cases I refused and they got super angry. But for the view it’s worth it. Along the street there are many warungs where you can eat while looking down to the rice fields. True beauty of mother nature. We continued our day trip to the holy spring for Hindus the Tirata Empul. Everyone is free to take a bath in the Holy water and do the ceremony of cleaning yourself. The last stop we did was at the beautiful Gunung Kawi. It is a old Tempel ruin among jungle, trees and a river. Everything is green and full of naturally living. A total must see!  

If you don’t mind walking you can nearly reach everything by walking. We moved out of our resort right to Gerebig, where I stayed the last time I had been here. It is located right at the beginning of the rice fields. It is quiet and the breakfast on the porch is amazing. You can stay here for 30€ (450000 Rp) per night as well, in an standard room with a nice view over the garden. Absolutely my favorite place to stay. They have a beautiful garden with fields of rice and a clear blue water swimmingpool. Super friendly staff and the owner Kadek ist one of the nicest people you will ever meet. The whole atmosphere is haemonic and familair. They will do everything to make you feel comfortable and like Home. Loved being here! 
Another thing i can highly recommend you is to do a cookingclass. We did the Periuk Balinese cooking class and it was amazing. Website: . Two brothers with there wifes and children teached us how to cook typical vegetarian balinese meals. At first one of the brothers will bring you to an traditional market and will show you all the vegetables and spices you need for cooking. The Course started at 07:45 with a pick up at the Resort. Afterwards the Market followed. The Location where we did the cookingclass was at a three generation family ground with there own Temple and view at the ricefields. At first we learned how to make a offering item out of banaleaves and flowers. We got a very delicious and healty welcome drink made of of ginger and cinnamon. The meals that you prepare are: three different sauces ( Balinese, multi purpose spice, peanut sauce and sambal), steamed rice, tempeh or chicken curry, tempeh,tofu or chicken sate, steamed mushrooms or fish in a Banana leaf, chicken or mushroom soup, vegetable salad and green rolled coconut pancakes. All in all it was a experience worth making and the view plus the location where extraordinary beautiful. All dishes were very delicious and the teachers super friendly. Costs: 23 € (35000 Rp) per person. 

 But there is so much more to do than what I listed for example: Rafting,meditation, yoga, all kind of Art Workshops, horseriding through the ricefields, trance and traditional dances and many more. 

Eating in Ubud:
Warungs and Restaurants: 
in the Jl. Goutama

Biahbiah: cheap and super tasty. Offers all kind of Indonesian Food. Best Migoreng and Nasi Champur.

La-Mien: small and charming. Full with ful Naruto posters, even in the menu. Great taste. You can creat your own noodle meal by choosing the noodles and the topping you wish. They have Edamame and Seaweedsalad which I haven’t found anywhere else. Great vegetarian dumplins, Pad Thai and Seeweedsalat. 
Soma: a little bit more expensive than other ones and more spacious. Organic with a lot of vegetarian and raw food. Noodles out of veggies and great sandwiches. Healthy drinks. 

on the Bismaroad: 

Umahs Pizza: cheap and delicious italian and indonesian food. Great Nasi Goreng and sweet Pizza with chocolate and bananas. 
Kopi on Bisma: best place to get real coffee from a coffee machine. Yummy French Toast. 

on the Jl. Penestanan Klod area:

Alchemy: Organic, Vegan Restaurant. Big Saladbar. Smoothiebowls. Fantastic Sushi and Quiche. Healthy drinks, health appointments. Shop included with own products. Deliver service. 
Sari Organic: has its own farm. Fresh and local food. Tasty. Organic. Healthy drinks. It exists two of them, one in the city and the other in the rice fields. Delicious Burgers and salads. 

Warung Sharaswhaty: authenic indian vegetarian food. Friendly owner. Chilled and beautiful Atmosphere. Best Samosas, Chapati and Palakpaneer in Bali. 

Lala Lili: cute and delicious. Best Tempeh goreng and Tempe Sate. Amazing Avocado Shakes.

Yellow Flower: super healty delicious shakes. Best smoothiebowls, Yummy dates and energy smoothies. Fully organic. Offer organic buffets on sundays. 

Karsa kafe:surrounded by rice terraces. Nice view. Fresh Coconut, real Coffee and tasty Mango smoothies. (on Jl. Bangkiang Sidem)

Down to Earth/ Earthcafé: is the most expensive one of the restaurants and warungs i listed. Organic. Nice Power and Health shakes. Best wholegrain Nasi Goreng with Edamame, Burgers and Wraps. They have an included Shop with organic, healthy products. (on Jl. Goutama Sel.)

Dayu: organic and gluten free food for a very good price. Offers a lot of vegan and vegetarian food. Store with self made cookies, cakes and drinks. They also sell superfoods. Lovely atmosphere. Great Burgers and Tempeh. (on Jl. Sugriwa)

In general: if you are into a vegan lifestyle Ubud might be the best choice you have in Bali. It offers the most opportunies to eat organic and fresh. It also has the biggest selection of health products and spiritual workshops.
At last a Tipp if you get sick: drink a lot of Electrolyte juices and take your medicine. You should always have something for fever, flue and stomach sickness in your bag. It can happen all the time that you can get sick of bad food or get bacteria. But do not worry mostly it just lasts a day.Expect of a flue. Give your body a rest.
Next stop will be the beautiful Island Gili Air🏝 
Selamat jalan (until soon) 🙏🏻

First Stop: Bali 🌺

This year the holidays brought me the third time to Indonesia and the second time to Bali. Its absolutly one of my favorite places on earth. I am travelling with my family and boyfriend and our journey started in Legian. Living at the Three Brothers Inn, sourrounded by nature we enjoyed some really tasty food (I really recommend black rice porridge for breakfast) and long walks on the beach.The resort has a big pool and a really friendly staff. The price for one room with outdoor shower, aircondition and a double bed is 47 € in high season, in the low season it costs only 35 €. It is really nice but you can live cheaper that’s for sure. We save a lot of money by eating in traditional warungs for 1 to 3 Euros per meal with a drink included. Now I wanna tell you about the cities we have visited and share some tips.
Legian: Located between Kuta and Seminyak (they share the same beach) is quiet and really good for shopping. The latest trend are beautiful dream-catchers. Our resort was between the main road and the beach. It was truly quiet with a beautiful garden. I fully enjoyed it! On the beach you can watch the best sundowns ever and it’s really good for learning how to surf (I learned it in Nusa Lembogan,though) but if you see a red flag you should stay out of the water if you don’t want to be rescued by a lifeguard. Such an event taught me to respect the ocean. Next to the entrance to Legian beach you can eat for little money. Fruitshakes for €1 and food for €2. If you don’t like your food spicy, tell the cook in advance, otherwise you will probably spit fire. I would really recommend the Warung Murah (Jl. Duble Six no. 99) and the Warung Taman Bamboo ( Jl. Palawa No.10 A) where you can choose from the menu and from a buffet. After you picked your food you will receive a card with the price of your Food. Mostly it’s between €1-2. For me it is the best food in town! They offer super tasty tempeh, currys, vegetables and much more. Hot Tipp for Men: The Billonaire’s Cut Barber and Coffeeshop (Jl. Nakula Blk. No.7). Cool, young and tattooed guys cut will cut and shave you beard and hair for only 60 Rupiah (4€). The atmosphere is relaxed,everyone is making jokes and talking to you. A total men shop with posters all over it and nice, groovy music. The result on my Boyfriend was amazing. Another tip and the best place for hair braiding is the Luna Spa ( Jl. Padma Utara). The two times i have been to Bali i got my hair braiding done in this nice Spa. Three woman braided my hair in only two and a half hours. It has been so amazing watching them! Hair braiding with extensions cost 700.000 Rupiah (ca. 45€). The Spa also offers great food massages and Mani- and Pedicure.
Kuta: The last time I have been to Bali I stayed in Kuta, but this time I only came to visit it. It is the place known for party and surfing. Kuta is loud but as every place it has nice layed back places.I stayed at the Lusa Hotel and the Un’s Hotel once. The first is with its 30€ per night per room cheap and near to the beach. The Un’s Hotel is a surfer Hotel with nice, colourful rooms but it is loud at night. It is around ten Euros more expensive than the Lusa Hotel but has the better food at its restaurant called balcony. Kuta has a big shopping Mall and many opportunities to shop on the street. You can find good and cheap warungs there too but in some you should ask, if you are a vegetarian like me, if the Tofu is made of shrimps.
Sanur: is only 5 km away from Legian but in times of heavy traffic the taxi will need one hour or more. We went to the Sanur Kite Festival which should have been on the 19 and 20th of August but as we arrived they told us that it would start at the 20th even if the Internet said differently. Sanur is great for kitesurfing and watching the surfers. The water is shallow and rocky. A lot of luxury hotels are along the beach with big pools and many families stay here. Last year I have been to the Sanur Beach Festival which was nice. A lot of bands played, they where many opportunities to have food and everything was decorated really beautiful. It will start next week.
Canggu: is mostly for professional surfers. The waves are even bigger as in Kuta/Legian/Seminyak and the sand is black. When the sun shines on the sand it sparkles super pretty. Canggu is declared as a must see place but I would not like to stay there because of the high waves and the beach. But the atmosphere is layed back, relaxed and alternative. A lot of young people and surfers stay there. From the cliffs above the ocean you have a good view.
Next stop will be Ubud for 7 or 8 days. I am super exited and I am totally in love with that place. Vegan food, yoga, rice terraces – heaven!
You will hear from me soon and until than Eat•Surf•Love  🌴